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USA 1919D Standing Liberty Quarter

USA 1996 Proof Set Silver Premier. 5 coins.

USA 1948D Franklin Half Dollar

USA 1888S Seated Liberty Quarter

Civil War Battlefield Proof Silver Dollar with Box and COA (US Mint, 1995)

USA 1805 $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 1887 $10 Ten Dollar Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin

USA 1845D $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 1858 S $10 Ten Dollar Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin

USA 1866 S $10 Ten Dollar Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin

USA 1905 $5 Gold Liberty Head

USA 1900O Morgan Silver Dollar

USA 1900 Barber Half Dollar

USA 1846O $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 1881 Seated Liberty Quarter

USA 1900S Morgan Silver Dollar

USA 1854 D $1 Dollar Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin

USA 1879 $1 Dollar Gold Indian Head Gold Coin

USA 1871 $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 12 Coins Uncirculated Mint Set (US Mint, 1978)

USA 1885 $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 1888 $10 Ten Dollar Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin

USA 1914D Barber Dime

USA 1856 Seated Liberty Dime Lg. date

USA 1865S $5 Gold Liberty Head

USA 1888 $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 1938 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

USA 1908 $5 Gold Liberty Head

USA 1928 Peace Silver Dollar

USA 1890 Seated Liberty Quarter

10 Coins 50 State Quarters Silver Proof Set (U.S. Mint, 2001)

USA 1899O Barber Dime

USA 1892 Barber Quarter

USA 1943S Washington Quarter

USA 1937D Washington Quarter

Blue Envelope Eisenhower Uncirculated Silver Dollar (US Mint, 1974)

USA 1963 Proof Roosevelt Dime Double die reverse

USA 1894S Morgan Silver Dollar

USA 1862 S $10 Ten Dollar Gold Liberty Head Gold Coin

USA 1897S Barber Quarter

USA 1850C $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA Unopened Bag $100 Face Value Susan B. Anthony Dollars (U.S. Mint, 1979)

USA 1875 Trade Silver Dollar

USA 1945S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

USA 1991-D Korean War Memorial Uncirculated Silver $1 Dollar Coin (US Mint, 1991)

USA 1951 Washington Quarter

USA 1961 Roosevelt Dime

USA 1953S Washington Quarter

USA 1923S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

USA 1843O $2.50 Gold Indian Head Large date, plain 4

USA 2004-P Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar Proof with Box and COA

USA 1988 P Young Astronauts Liberty Commemorative Silver Medal, 6 troy ounces version

1987 US Mint $25 + $50 Gold American Eagle 2-Coin Proof Set with Box and COA

USA 2008 W Louisa Adams $10 Gold Coin from First Spouse Series

USA 1876S Trade Silver Dollar

Statue of Liberty Uncirculated Half Dollar in Box with COA (U.S. Mint, 1986)

USA 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar

USA 1848 $2.50 Gold Indian Head CAL above eagle

USA 1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Double die reverse

USA 1800 $10 Ten Dollar Gold Capped Bust Gold Coin

USA 1928S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

USA 1915S $5 Gold Indian Head

USA 1796 $2.50 Gold Indian Head Stars on obverse

USA 1990-W Eisenhower Centennial Uncirculated Silver $1 Dollar Coin with Box and COA (US Mint, 1990)

USA 1999 American Eagle Silver Dollar

USA 2002D 2002-D Jefferson Nickel

USA 1950D/S Washington Quarter D over S

USA 1936 Mercury Dime

USA 1906S $5 Gold Liberty Head

USA 1851 $2.50 Gold Indian Head

USA 1931 Mercury Dime

USA 1868 $1 Dollar Gold Indian Head Gold Coin

USA 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

USA 1935D Washington Quarter

USA 11 Coins Uncirculated Set (U.S. Mint, 1972)

USA 1806 $2.50 Gold Indian Head 6 over 4, stars 8 left, 5 right

USSR 9 Coin Mint Set (Leningrad Mint, 1976)

USA 1993 American Eagle Silver Dollar

USA 1960 Roosevelt Dime

USA 1908D Barber Dime

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